How to Get my Property Rent Ready – Santa Barbara Management Tips on Getting the Highest ROI

How to Market My Rental Property in Santa Barbara – Professional Property Management Advice
August 16, 2016
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How to Get my Property Rent Ready – Santa Barbara Management Tips on Getting the Highest ROI

get my property rent ready

There are a few things you can do to get your property ready for the rental market that will impact the return on your investment, or ROI. Today, I’m sharing a few things that I like to do when I’m getting a house ready for the market. I think a good rule of thumb is to prepare the house as if you were selling it.

Professionally Clean the Property

Always have the property professionally cleaned. This should be done before you start marketing the home, so prospective tenants can see how great it looks. Make sure your lease requires your tenants to have the home professionally cleaned again after they move out. You should get the property back in the same condition that it was when you turned it over to your tenants, minus a little wear and tear. So if it’s professionally cleaned on the way in, it’s fair to have your tenants professionally clean the home when they leave. Pay attention to details. Have the windows cleaned, and make sure everything looks exceptional.

Remove All Personal Property

The outside of the property needs to be clean too. All trash needs to be moved away, and it has to look appealing. Take all your personal property out of the home. It’s much better to remove everything from the attic and the garage. Sometimes, owners like to keep things in the home, but tenants are never going to like that. Everyone wants the property to feel like their own, so clear everything out. You’ll have fewer issues.

Improvements to Increase Your ROI

There are things that will help you rent your property for more money. Putting in hardwood floors and tile will be much better than carpet. Any upgrades in the house are always welcome for a renter and will help you get more money in rent. Upgrades in the kitchen and bath are great, and if you can provide a washer and a dryer, or the house has an attached garage or a fenced yard, you’ll likely be able to ask for How to Get my Property Rent Readymore rent. These things matter. Hang curtains and blinds if they are not there. Small things like ceiling fans are not expensive, and they make a difference.

Make sure you are putting yourself in the renter’s shoes. Do the things that matter so that you’ll have an easy time attracting the best tenants for your property. If you need help with this or anything pertaining to Santa Barbara property management, please contact us at Lemon Tree Management.